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Gancia |Italy

Mauro Suani
Gancia |Italy image

In 1850, Carlo returns from France with an idea: to create the first Italian sparkling wine using the typical techniques of champagne production but with a different wine base.

In 1865 his initial ideas give birth to the bottle-fermented Italian Classic Method sparkling wine.

Since then Gancia's history has been a continuous series of experimenting and innovation to reach the accomplishment of a complete and unique line of Classic Method and Charmat Method sparkling wines, suitable for accompanying all the extraordinary moments of life

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Gancia Asti DOCG 750ml NV (PDF 123 KB) (PDF 45 KB) (JPEG 492 KB)
Gancia Prosecco DOC Brut (8 x 3 Pack) 200ml NV (PDF 127 KB) (PDF 266 KB) (JPEG 78 KB)
Gancia Prosecco DOC Dry 750ml NV (PDF 345 KB) (PDF 266 KB) (JPEG 585 KB)
Gancia Rose Brut 750ml NV (PDF 123 KB) (PDF 37 KB) (JPEG 485 KB)