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Grove Mill | Marlborough

Winemaker - Stu Marfell
Grove Mill | Marlborough image

A pioneer in sustainability, Grove Mill is dedicated to crafting premium wines with minimal environmental impact.

The Southern Bell Frog, for which we have established a wetland beside our winery, is a symbol of our commitment to preserve our land for the enjoyment of future generations.


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Bottle Images
Grove Mill Chardonnay 750ml 2015 (PDF 178 KB) (PDF 270 KB) (JPEG 422 KB)
Grove Mill Pinot Gris 750ml 2016 (PDF 376 KB) (PDF 271 KB) (JPEG 429 KB)
Grove Mill Pinot Noir 750ml 2014 (PDF 180 KB) (PDF 32 KB) (JPEG 416 KB)
Grove Mill Riesling 750ml 2015 (PDF 180 KB) (JPEG 382 KB)
Grove Mill Riesling 750ml 2016 (PDF 3 MB) (PDF 267 KB) (JPEG 382 KB)
Grove Mill Sauvignon Blanc 750ml 2017 (PDF 406 KB) (PDF 275 KB) (JPEG 456 KB)