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Kraken | Trinidad and Tobago
Kraken | Trinidad and Tobago image

The Kraken is a black spiced rum produced in Trinidad and Tobago. The Kraken takes its name from a legendary sea monster of gigantic proportions. A Kraken was known to feed on whales, ships and men.

It is said that a ship carrying a large consignment of black spiced caribbean rum was attacked and taken down by a Kraken. Barrels of dark rum drifted from the ship and were renamed ‘The Kraken’ as a tribute to the beasts power and might.

The bottle features a large octopus-like cephalopod rising from the deep as if to attack an unsuspecting schooner or galleon. The bottle is designed with dual grab handles, like something a Pirate would sling over his shoulder in a drunken haze.

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