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Man O' War | Waiheke Island

Winemaker - Duncan McTavish
Man O

Man O' War is a very special piece of coastal New Zealand farmland, located at the far eastern end of Waiheke Island in the Hauraki Gulf. It includes the boulder strewn hills of Stony Batter and is unique for both its unparalled beauty and its diversity of purpose. Set amongst this spectacular landscape Man O' War comprises a patchwork of tiny vineyards specifically placed to capture the unique range of microclimates and soil types available.

With the ambition to grow world class wines of elegance and power suffused with a unique sense of place, the Spencer family planted the first vines at Man O' War farm in 1993. Today, 106 individual vineyards spread over 4000 acres are bravely perched on exceedingly steep free-draining clay hillsides and volcanic hilltops.

Each vineyard site has been selected for its unique terroir and ability to produce intense and exotic flavours. With an incredible range of soil types and micro-climates, this is undoubtedly one of the most ambitious and exciting wine growing projects in the world.

Captain Cook named Man O' War Bay after dropping anchor there in the 1769 voyage. He observed that the kauri growing there would make ideal masts for the Man O' War wooden battleships which formed the backbone of British naval supremacy. Timber from Man O' War Bay is rumoured to have been used as masts for Nelson's fleet in the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

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Man O' War Bellerophon Syrah 750ml 2016 (PDF 110 KB) (JPEG 770 KB)
Man O' War Dreadnought Syrah 750ml 2016 (PDF 111 KB) (JPEG 901 KB)
Man O' War Estate Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Malbec, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml 2016 (PDF 113 KB) (JPEG 2 MB)
Man O' War Estate Paradise Pinot Gris 750ml 2016 (PDF 3 MB) (PDF 272 KB) (JPEG 184 KB)
Man O' War Estate Pinot Gris 750ml 2018 (PDF 114 KB) (JPEG 2 MB)
Man O' War Exiled Pinot Gris 750ml 2017 (PDF 112 KB) (PDF 268 KB) (JPEG 297 KB)
Man O' War Gravestone Sauvignon Blanc 750ml 2017 (PDF 111 KB) (JPEG 2 MB)
Man O' War Ironclad Merlot Cabernet 750ml 2013 (PDF 114 KB) (JPEG 972 KB)
Man O' War Ironclad Merlot Cabernet 750ml 2014 (JPEG 972 KB)
Man O' War Pinque Rose 750ml 2018 (PDF 117 KB) (JPEG 5 MB)
Man O' War Valhalla Chardonnay 750ml 2017 (PDF 113 KB) (PDF 269 KB) (JPEG 2 MB)
Man O War Valkyrie Chardonnay 750ml 2017 (PDF 366 KB) (PDF 267 KB) (JPEG 4 MB)
Man O' War Warspite 750ml 2014 (PDF 272 KB) (JPEG 45 KB)