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Matusalem | Dominican Republic
Matusalem | Dominican Republic image

Matusalem’s 139 year-old recipe is derived from a Spanish technique traditionally used to craft the finest brandy, sherry and cognac. This patient process called “Solera” creates a rum that is smoother and more flavorful than competing rums.

There are three major contributions Matusalem Rum has made in raising the standards for rum production to the highest level:

  • The finest raw materials: Matusalem selects and ages only the purest spirits.
  • The Solera Method of blending and aging, based on techniques used for sherry, brandy and cognac, used by very few brands, utilizes a unique combination of different varieties of aged rums, whose average age is reflected in the Solera number.
  • A process that guarantees the homogeneity of the product, enabling the best characteristics of each of the rums to combine in creating the character and flavor of the oak barrels.
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