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Maude | Central Otago

Winemakers - Dan & Sarah-Kate Dineen
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Maude wines is a family owned wine company which produce premium Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc from their winery in Wanaka, Central Otago. Winemaking couple Dan and Sarah-Kate Dineen, had blended together over two decades of high profile international winemaking experience before moving back to Central Otago.

Part of the motivation to move to Central Otago was the eternal search for the holy grail of winemaking, Pinot Noir perfection, and to join forces with Sarah-Kate's parents, Dawn and Dr Terry Wilson who have the well established Mount Maude vineyard in the Maungawera valley just outside Wanaka.

Tiny parcels of single vineyard wines from the Mount Maude vineyard will become the pinnacle of their Maude brand.


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Maude Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 750ml 2018 (JPEG 3 MB)
Maude Methode Traditionnelle 750ml NV (PDF 288 KB) (PDF 245 KB) (JPEG 4 MB)
Maude Mt Maude Vineyard Dry Riesling 750ml 2018 (PDF 354 KB) (PDF 232 KB) (JPEG 707 KB)
Maude Mt Maude Vineyard East Block Riesling 750ml 2018 (PDF 291 KB) (PDF 250 KB) (JPEG 691 KB)
Maude Mt Maude Vineyard Kids Block Pinot Noir 750ml 2015 (PDF 270 KB) (PDF 248 KB) (JPEG 2 MB)
Maude Pinot Gris 375ml 2017 (PDF 294 KB) (PDF 265 KB) (JPEG 4 MB)
Maude Pinot Gris 750ml 2018 (PDF 294 KB) (JPEG 4 MB)
Maude Pinot Noir 750ml 2017 (PDF 438 KB) (PDF 250 KB) (JPEG 3 MB)