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Medici Ermete | Reggio Emilia

Winemakers - Valter & Giorgio Medici
Medici Ermete | Reggio Emilia image

"Wine is one of the most civilized things in the world", wrote Ernest Hemingway. A wine like this needs people who really know how to make it, and on the Italian wine-making scene, the Medici family name has been synonymous with passion, skill and quality for over a century now.

Today, Medici Ermete's superb vintages can be found on the wine lists of the world's most prestigious restaurants, as well as in top-class winebars, and the numerous awards won by the labels have earned them a well-deserved place among Italy's finest products.

Now run by the fourth generation of the Medici family, the company boasts sound experience both in the vineyards and in the winery, which allows them to make the finest of wine from the grapes they grow.


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Medici Lambrusco DOC Dolce 750ml NV (PDF 164 KB) (PDF 264 KB) (JPEG 194 KB)
Medici Lambrusco DOC Dolce Magnum 1.5L NV (PDF 164 KB) (JPEG 4 MB)
Medici Lambrusco Grasparossa 750ml NV (PDF 467 KB) (PDF 269 KB) (JPEG 60 KB)
Medici Lambrusco Rose 750ml NV (PDF 117 KB) (PDF 77 KB) (JPEG 93 KB)