Lawson’s Dry Hills enters into distribution partnership with EuroVintage

With a desire to focus purely on their core business of making and marketing wine, well-known Marlborough producer Lawson’s Dry Hills will partner from 1 February 2019 with EuroVintage for the domestic distribution of the Lawson's Dry Hills brand.

Though successfully growing the business in recent years, the opportunity to access a greater number of potential customers, particularly in on-premise, fits with the company's future strategy.

General Manager of Lawson's Dry Hills, Sion Barnsley explains, “Our brand has grown considerably over recent years, both in the domestic and export markets. We feel now is the time to work with a professional and successful distributor with a national sales structure, hence our approach to EuroVintage.”

He continues, “We are very grateful to our team and our commission sales people who have been dedicated to the success of the brand to date.”

Nick Hern, Chief Executive of EuroVintage comments, “We are delighted to have been approached by Lawson's Dry Hills and are thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with one of Marlborough’s most established and successful wine companies. Lawson’s Dry Hills have an enviable record of award winning wines and our team are really looking forward to taking this exciting range to market from February.”

Existing customers of the Lawson's Dry Hills brand will be able to continue purchasing the wines direct from EuroVintage. Please see the attached page listing the EuroVintage sales team for your reference.

The company's other brands Blind River, Mount Vernon and The Sisters will continue to be distributed by Lawson's Dry Hills.