Louis Roederer crowned World's Most Admired Champagne Brand 2021

Another amazing endorsement for EuroVintage’s portfolio, with Louis Roederer being crowned the World’s Most Admired Champagne Brand for the second year running by Drinks International.

Quite remarkably, Louis Roederer has dominated Drinks International’s list taking out the prestigious number one position in three of the last four years and is the only brand to sit in the top three for the past six years and has never been lower than fifth place in the eight-year history of this Drinks International survey.

In its report, Drinks International points to an exciting future for this beloved Grand Marque commenting “It’s this kind of innovation and experimentation, plus great attention to detail, that seems likely to keep it in the top-rated brands of our survey for years to come.”

This level of success doesn’t happen by accident and there is clearly something incredibly special going on at Louis Roederer, a brand we are hugely privileged to represent in the market.