Reefton Distilling Co. capture the magic of freshly fallen snow to create a first in NZ Gin, Little Biddy Gin - Snow

Mountains meet rainforest – Reefton Distilling Co. capture the magic of freshly fallen snow to create a first in New Zealand Gin, Little Biddy Gin – Snow

Reefton Distilling Co., producers of Little Biddy premium gin, continue to surprise with their innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. Having already created a range of international award-winning spirits and liqueurs, they have now crafted a ‘First in New Zealand’ Gin made from locally foraged, freshly fallen snow.

Nestled deep in the untamed wilderness of New Zealand’s West Coast, Reefton is a remote and interesting place that has played a significant part in New Zealand’s development as a nation. Officially established in 1870, just a few years after the discovery of gold bearing quartz reefs in the area, Reefton’s history is defined by moments of innovation.

When winter brings snow, nature falls silent

With ‘Gutsy’ as one of their core values, establishing an international award-winning distillery against the odds in a small rural town, was no surprise. This latest announcement embodies the resourcefulness and creativity the company is earning a reputation for.

While many would see the West Coast’s high rainfall as a negative, Founder and Chief Executive Patsy Bass, had always believed that this pristine water source had the potential to be the region’s new Gold.

While rain is abundant in the rainforests surrounding Reefton, snow is rare. Setting out to capture Reefton transformed by a blanket of pure white on camera, the opportunity to also capture the soft powder snow; this frozen rain, in a bottle became Patsy and her team’s quest.

A magical distillation

But how do you capture and bottle an element as ethereal as snow?

Distiller Beth Scott explains that it was “that piney, spicy scent of snow-laden branches, with an added layer of sweet, clear freshness”. Beth added that, “falling snow captures the volatile organic compounds in the surrounding air and environment, and so becomes a composition and reflection of the local landscape.”

Waiting for just the right moment to release this First in New Zealand product, this Limited Edition, Little Biddy Gin - Snow™ will be released in 2022, however a teaser is included in the Reefton Distilling Co. Christmas Advent Calendar, due for release next month.

Made from locally foraged fresh snow, native Manuka, alpine lavender, peppermint and lime, which combined with the lush native rainforests, clean mountain air and cool swift rivers of the West Coast landscape, deliver this tantalising new gin. Equally at home on the Christmas table or Après Ski, this limited release is expected to sell out swiftly.

This is a vibrant and refreshing gin, which opens with clear sweetness from the alpine lavender, like the promise of snow in the air. Followed by a bloom of freshness, with top notes of bright lime and green peppercorns for a dry mineral finish. The team believe “It’s like melting snow in your mouth.”